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What is your Running Fashion?

Running is passion and fashion at the same time! Just what I've said many times, running is my fashion and I run in fashion!

Great to know that the fitness and running blog Pinoy also shared in their fanpage a cool cartoon interpretation of running fashion. And they categorized them into three - the newbie, the geek, and the mamaw!

Now, which of these three is your running fashion?!

Yours truly Runner Rocky also have my own version of this so-called running fashion. And here are some which I wore during my different major runs:

The Green TRD Superhero:

The Red-Orange RU2:

The Mint Advocate for World Vision:

Raise D' Neon Green Roof:

The Fest of Blue in Runfest:

Build the Milo Champion Green:

The Luxury Red Sofitel:

All Black EntrepRUn:

Run Superman Run:

Well, these are just some of the fascinating running #ootd of Runner Rocky I have here in my mobile phone. If I got a chance to browse through my hard drive, I'll share more. :)

Which of those running fashions you like most? And what do you think Runner Rocky's running fashion makes me stands out from the others?! (Runner Rocky)

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