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The Official Race Results of the Condura Skyway Marathon 2016

The Condura Skyway Marathon 2016 was another milestone to Runner Rocky as it marks my very first full marathon. Though I've already took first a 52K solo ultramarathon last August 23, 2015, the CSM 2016 then completed my journey as a runner making it as my first full marathon conquering 42.192 Km.

How well do you performed the race? Well, if you're not yet checked your official time from the gunstart or from your race chip, here are the complete Official Race Results of Condura Skyway Marathon 2016:

Meanwhile, here is my official time:

6 hrs and 28 minutes for my first full marathon. :) Next time, will be targeting a sub-6 for a 42K so that I can beat the the National Milo Marathon cutoff.  

Congrats to all the finishers! (Runner Rocky)

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