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Batman and His Sidekick

The 2016 version of the DC Comics Superheroes run dubbed as "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Heroes Run" transformed Runner Rocky into the dark knight Batman. Last year, yours truly successfully portrayed the man of steel Superman in this exciting fun run and I have presented to you my alter ego Jonas in the said run. This time, let me introduce to you the sidekick of Batman, our very own, the Barefoot Monster, Anthony!

Though he never run this year as a superhero in this fun run, the Barefoot Monster Anthony Noriel Fodra showed support to his bestfriend and running buddy Runner Rocky after the race. Anthony joined the gang of Batman in a carboloading launch right after the race when the superheroes fueled recharging their energies.

Here are some of the photos of rockthony when the Barefoot Monster reunited with the superhero Batman:

Now the question goes, when the Barefoot Monster merge with Batman, who between them will be the villain and who will emerge as a protagonist?! Or will the Barefoot Monster stay as Batman's sidekick replacing Robin?!

Well, when our story will be converted in comics, check out our comics graphic version below:

Last year, Anthony joined the race and he ran as Superman conquering a 10K category same with his friend Runner Rocky. This month of April, the Barefoot Monster has no run. He will have his running comeback on May. On the other hand, Runner Rocky will take a 42K full marathon in the NatGeo Earth Day Run next week. You may catch rockthony's runs in the succeeding months.

Want more of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Heroes Run 2016" stories?! Well, stay tune and watch out my succeeding blog posts. (Runner Rocky) 

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