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Sneak Peek: Runner Rocky in the Guerilla Race Panther 2016: The Corregidor Challenge

Muddy, dirty, yet stronger and tougher...

This is how yours truly Runner Rocky looks like right after taking the 21K distance with 37 obstacles in the recently concluded, Guerilla Race Panther 2016: The Corregidor Challenge, May 22, 2016:

This year's edition of the No. 1 obstacle race in the Philippines introduced new challenges which enabled us to navigate the historic place in the country, the corregidor. It feels like I was an action-star taking the different obstacles.

The run was not the usual Guerilla race as it was exactly a trail run combining the uphill and downhill in Corregidor. It gave us the feel of the ultramarathon route.

I will definitely share with you my whole story surpassing the challenges of Guerilla Race Panther. Plus will let you watch my video coverage of the place after completing the challenges. So stay tune folks! (Runner Rocky)

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