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How Well Do You Conquer the Trail Race in the Soleus Cross Country Challenge 2016?

Runner Rocky once more conquered another trail race. But this time, it was a full 21K trail run in Soleus Cross Country Challenge which took place in Mt. Sinai, San Mateo, Rizal, July 10, 2016.

At first, I'm planning only to take 12K because I'm afraid to take the deadly race route - a stiff mountain with muddy land due to rain. But since there was no other choice, I took the risk - I bravely conquered the 21K distance! And yes, I ended up successful, victorious, and with flying colors in the finish line! 

How about you?! Do you also take the challenge to conquer the full trail?!

Meanwhile if you didn't yet checked your official race result, check it out in this link below:

The rain added more twist in our route turning the red soil into a sticky mud! As they say, we're like doing skating! You will really slide. And I did many times! 

Now what's your story conquering this challenging Soleus race?! Share it to us and inspire our readers and fellow runners!

Congrats to all the finishers and placers of this Soleus Cross Country Challenge 2016! Until our next trail run! (Runner Rocky)

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