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"Runner Rocky" is My Most Used Word in Facebook

A web-based app generated a cloud of your most used words in Facebook. And in my case, the word "Runner Rocky" took the huge slot.

Next to "Runner Rocky" are the words "bits of rocks," "rocky," "congrats," "year," and "share." It's also great to note that majority of the words revealed by the app were related to fitness which were the major focus of this blog. The terms "running," "runner," "sports," "challenge," "time,"marathon," and "fitness" were some of the said words.

Meanwhile, the names of my top friends (as in real friends) in Facebook also appeared in the cloud. The names Miyo, Nelson, Cuevas, Ello, Cheddy, Grace, Ronnie, and Serfa were all included!

Before the year 2015 end, I also tried a similar app wherein it will reveal the list of your most used words in Facebook for 2015 and yes, "Runner Rocky" still took the No. 1 spot.

Have you already tried the app? Do you agree with the results?! (Runner Rocky)

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