Sam Ajdani Reveals Sexy Body with Cosmo Body

Hunk model Sam Ajdani is the fitness ambassador of the food supplement Cosmo Body. The said supplement is known to be a perfect fat burner and an effective intake to the gym goers like us.

In the online billboard campaign of Cosmo Body, Sam shows off his ripped and sexy body. But the good thing with the campaigns, it doesn't only promote the supplement... it even shared different workout tips. A fitness workout video of Sam can be also watched in the product's official Facebook Fanpage.

Meanwhile, here is an example of a Cosmo Body billboard of Sam sharing workout tricks on how to get a strong and toned abs:

The said Abs Workout includes the following:

• 20 Reverse Crunches
• 30 Russian Twists
• 40 Seconds Side Plank
• 40 Mountain Climbers
• 20 Scissors
• 20 Bicycle Crushes

Well, have you already tried any of the said workouts?

To gain effective results and recovery, Cosmo Body on the other hand gives the following health benefits:

• Boosts Metabolism
• Burns Fat
• Fuels Energy
• Shortens Post Workout Recovery Time

Moreover, Cosmo Body contains Polyphenols, EGCG and Thermogenic Ingredients that burns away fats by 60%. 

So let's stay fit and healthy while maintaining a sexy body! Keep a healthy lifestyle and eye for a body like Sam Ajdani! Well aside from running, yours truly Runner Rocky is also a fitness enthusiast and a regular gym goer like Sam!  (Runner Rocky)

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Rocky Chua

Rocky Chua Batara a.k.a. Aki Chua is a Principal Software QA Engineer by profession and a Blogger by hobby. He loves to blog about lifestyle, celebrity, entertainment, personal, and fitness specifically running making blogging as his major interest. Rocky is also active in Social Media specially in Instagram since he loves to take photos of different things and loves to pose for photos and pictorials. He even loves taking selfies. Rocky is also a fitness enthusiast. Running turns to be his major sports. He is also a regular gym goer to maintain his toned and sexy body. You may follow Rocky on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram via his username @therunnerrocky.


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