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#Throwback: In Green and In Blue

Since today is Thursday, let me share to you an interesting throwback about my two running events which took place on two consecutive weeks focusing on the color themes of my sports outfit.

Same month last year, July 2015, yours truly Runner Rocky had a back-to-back run - the Raise D' Roof 2015 and the Runfest 2K15

Organized by the AffiniTea Race, Raise D' Roof 2015 was my second fun run with AffniTea after their 2014's Brown Race. A neon green brought freshness to yours truly despite the fact that I ran 21K in the CCP Complex.

On the other week, an #ootd of blue took back Runner Rocky on the running ground of BGC Taguig City for the 2015 Runfest. That was my second year with Runfest conquering 21K. My first time with them was the Runfest 2014 where I took only 5K.

This year, seems that history repeats itself as these two running events. return in another back-to-back mode! And yes, I will also take part in both races. This Sunday, July 17, 2016, I will be your pacer for the Runfest 2K16. Then next week, July 24, 2016, join me as I run with the bubbles in the Raise D'Roof 2016 Bubble Run.

So see you all in the road and let's create another history! (Runner Rocky)

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