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Anton Del Rosario to Runner Rocky: "Fitness is a Lifestyle, Once you Get into It, You will Love It!"

When the runner bumped into a football player...!

If I'm not mistaken, this was my first time to meet and talk to one of the AZKALS favorite players, Anto Del Rosario. Yeah, I admit, Runner Rocky is really a huge fan of AZKALS since 2011. And Anton, a center back football player is one of my idols along with James & Phil Younghusband, Neil Etheridge, and Misaghh Bahadoran. Except for Neil and Anton, I already met before those players in various sports and lifestyle events. And last Sunday, August 15, 2016 at the Sofitel Manila Hotel was my time to meet Anton! 

Cool, kind, and approachable... these were the three words to describe my first impression to Anton. He is easy to get along with. We talked a lot about sports, fitness, his latest activities, and his newly invention, a mobile app called "LARO."

The Sports Blogger / Runner and The Football Player - Rocky and Anton #TeamFit

According to Anton, they train daily for football. He go to gym three times a week to keep his physique and muscles.  

And aside from football, did you know that Anton also loves other sports like basketball, tennis, and golf?! "Growing up in states involve you more in sports," Anton shared to yours truly.

Well in terms of food and diet, did you know that we have the same principle - to whatever you wanted to eat! "We got the license to eat what we want," Anton revealed!

Here is my exclusive video  interview with Anton sharing his sports, fitness, and healthy lifestyle:

In my video interview, Anton even shared his upcoming events. Yes, this Sunday, he will be running in the Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2016 for the benefits of the Virlane children. He appreciated when I shared to him that I already ran for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015) in the said Sofitel Half Marathon. 

Meanwhile, Anton even introduced to me his latest brainchild, the mobile app called "LARO." LARO, a name derive from the Filipino word for play is actually a social mobile app intended for the sports-minded person. He launched this app more than one month ago. In our video, he further explained about this app. This app will track all of your sports (for instance your running activities) and will give you metrics on your games. It is now available both in Google Play for Android and in App Store for iOS. Sooner, me and Anton will tell you more about this application so stay tune!   

Great meeting and mingling with you Anton! See you again in the different sports events! (Runner Rocky)

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