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Ali Meets Rocky: JC Santos of "Till I Met You" Reveals his 'Secrets' to Runner Rocky

Playing the character of Ali in the newest hit rom-com teleserye "Till I Met You," JC Santos is now a popular new leading. He easily captivated the hearts of many viewers as he portrays a gay besfriend of Iris (Nadine Lustre) and the newest love interest of James Reid who is currently playing the character of Basti in the said TV series. 

The tandem of JC and James even heats up as the two becomes part of the Cosmopolitan 69 Bachelors  and made a mashup sexy video exposing their hot sexy bodies! 

But before JC becomes Ali in "Till I Met You," I've already met him last April 2016 during their "Forever Sucks" days, an online series featuring him, Ian Batherson, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. And during that time, I've got my exclusive video interview with him wherein he shared his exciting fitness secrets!  

When Ali of "Till I Met You" and Rocky of Runner Rocky Met!

20 sets of push ups and drinking lots of water started his day. "Push ups pagkagising sa umaga at inom ng maraming tubig, effective 'yan if you want to lose weight at magka-abs," JC shared. 

In terms of diet, two things are prohibited - sugar and salt!

And every other day, JC is jogging around the UP oval. And did you know that JC is jogging wearing a jacket?! "That's it, mainit... para pagpawisan," the actor revealed.

JC even wants to join a fun run and if possible to have a running team. 14 kilometers was the longest distance he already conquered. And yes, he dreams to run 21 kilometers in the future.

During that time, private or sex videos of different actors were viral. Therefore, I've courageously asked if he had any private videos. His answer...? Well, watch out below in our exclusive video interview:

Jasmine Curtis-Smith who was his leading lady before in "Forever Sucks" even made a cameo appearance in our video as you can see! :)

Now you know the secret of JC Santos in having a sexy hot body like James Reid! Definitely, JC and James or Ali and Basti will truly put your nights on fire via their teleserye!

Nice meeting you JC! Looking forward for you new projects in the coming days! Definitely, there were more to come as you already established your character as Ali in "Till I Met You." By the way, yours truly Runner Rocky is already hooked on the said show. I'm avidly watching the episodes every night in iWantTV. (Runner Rocky)  

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