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Join the ColoRun For Mission and Avail this Cool Tech Shirt

One month to go and yours truly Runner Rocky is ready to conquer Pampanga for the much anticipated color run, the ColoRun For Mission.

Check out this cool actual tech shirt that you can get once you register:

Actual Tech Shirt - Front Design

Actual Tech Shirt - Back Part

The event will be on November 20, 2016 at Guagua Pampanga. This will be the first time of Runner Rocky to run in Pampanga!

Registration is still on-going. Check out the official event poster below for more details:

The Official Poster of ColoRun for Mission

So bring your family and friends and shower yourselves with color powder during the race! It's a fun run at the same time, a charity event for the benefits of the Heartbeat of the Mission.

See you all and run with me! (Runner Rocky)

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