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An Adventure Run with the Zombies at the Halloween's Nightmare Run 2016!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Frightened, afraid, shocked, surprised, screamed... or just had fun?! Tell me the feelings?! Or should I say, it was a mixed emotion?!

Halloween is a Western tradition which was already adapted by the Filipino culture. This is the time where we enjoy having our trick or treats, spending a night via costume parties, or having fun with the unusual creatures of the dark. Ghost, monsters, zombies, bloods, deaths, are some of the things trended during this day. But for yours truly Runner Rocky, Halloween means another fun run! 

Yes, we ran during the Halloween concluding my month of October 2016 via the so-called SM By The Bay Nightmare Run! This was a combination of a running event and a Halloween party organized by the AffiniTea Race! It was a 3K race for all the people of all ages wherein runners came in their most creative costume. And at the same time, runners ran with the zombies while overtaking some of the obstacles like the haunted mansion!

Runner Rocky and His Running Buddy Marc Lara Strong and Alive After the Zombie Attack

Yours Truly Runner Rocky is Ready to Fight with the Zombies in the Nightmare Run

Team Runner Rocky Trio is Determined to Finish the Race Even Though Zombies were Scattered

We screamed, we laughed, and we ran! It gave you the feeling of doing a horror film wherein you encountered monsters, ghost, dead people, bloody creatures, and even the famous Valak of "The Conjuring 2." We also experienced entering a haunted house with shocking horror creatures inside! And yes, I was afraid seing my phobia - the coffin!

We also love to run and took photos with the zombies fresh from TV5's "The Walking Dead" series. Zombies chasing you at the road gave you the same feelings of the actors playing in the recent hit movie "Train to Busan!"

Well, I've captured this screaming moments in my Facebook's live video. Of course, different shots were also taken with my team posing with the different creatures. Here are some of the photos:

Still Feeling Good and Handsome in This Old Cemetery

Oh My, I Encountered Valak!

This Girl Zombie was Lost and was Blocking our Way!

Different Creatures were Present in the Nightmare Run 2016!

Still Got a Chance to Have a Selfie with this Bloody Man!

The Zombies, The Zombies of the Walking Dead were Killing Me!!!!

Is Runner Rocky Turning Now into Zombie?!

You may also check more of the Halloween wacky photos now posted in our official Runner Rocky Facebook Fanpage via this album link: Nightmare Run 2016.

Once more, congratulations to the AffiniTea Race team and to sir Mark Anthony Guzman Liu for organizing this creative fun-filled Halloween party fun run for fun and adventure seekers like us!

This Halloween fun run event was my second zombie fun run I've joined with. My first time was in 2013 in the Outbreak Manila Zombie Run held at Makati City! Looking forward for another exciting zombie run like this next year! Kudos to all! (Runner Rocky)

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