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Team Cholo Flight, Team Run Direction, and Team Runner Rocky in One Power Run!

Another highlight of the recently concluded New Balance Power Run 2016 was that three teams from three different fields were reunited. A running team, a multisports team, and a blogging team merged into one!

Which of these three teams do you belong?!

Team Runner Rocky Trio Doing the Team Cholo Flight Hand Sign

A multisports team, the Team Cholo Flight (TCF) where yours truly Runner Rocky is now an official member, a running team, the Team Run Direction (TRD) where I used to be part, and my very own blogging team, the Team Runner Rocky (TRR) merged as one conquering 25K in this much anticipated running event.

Well, check out these photos below and see how these three teams were united as one:

The Team Cholo Flight (TCF) with their Signature Hand Sign

The Team Runner Rocky (TRR) with our Signature Hand Sign

Team Run Direction (TRD) Reunited

This New Balance Power Run 2016 running event as well as this blog post just only prove that team name is only a label! Whatever team you belong, we still binded by one goal, by one passion - which is running! And all of are still part of the Running Community family!

Whatever Team You Represent, Still Binded with One Goal - To Run

Aside from this New Balance Power Run 2016 last Sunday, TCF, TRD, and TRR were also united in another running event, the Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run which also took place on the same day, November 6, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia.

Whatever team you have right now, it's the passion that keeps us as ONE! (Runner Rocky)

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