Team Runner Rocky's Christmas Message to Team Cholo Flight and Team Run Direction

Christmas is all about friendship, sharing, collaboration, and teamwork! Therefore this Christmas 2016, two of the members of Team Runner Rocky (TRR) or the Double A (Aki and Aquebay) tandem expressed their Christmas message to their two respective running teams, the Team Cholo Flight (TCF) and the Team Run Direction (TRD). 

Here is their video spiel expressing their Christmas gratitude:

Yours truly Runner Rocky is now a member of TCF while his running buddy and TRR co-member Julius Ceasar Aquebay is a member of TRD. 

Though members of two different running teams, Rocky and Julius were merged by their own group, the boygroup Team Runner Rocky. And our group serves as a medium of friendship, camaraderie, collaboration, and oneness of the two different running teams!   

One team, one family who are spreading the good vibes in the running community... we are Team Runner Rocky, the boygroup of sports and online community wishing you all a merry, merry Christmas! 

Hence the formula of a Christmas Unity is TCF + TRD = TRR. (Runner Rocky)

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