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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Video: Team Runner Rocky's Fusion of #MannequinChallenge to Video Spiel for The Music Run™ 2016

7:53:00 AM

Our very own boygroup, the Team Runner Rocky is now well-known in popularizing different impromptu video spiels in every run or events that we attended. But in our recent video, we merged the trends - putting together our very own video spiel TVC to now's trending Mannequin Challenge for The Music Run™ 2016.

If in mannequin challenge wherein people remain frozen and speechless in action like mannequins while a moving camera films on them, our video was an innovation. At first, we were frozen like mannequins. But after a camera was focused on each member, the member will speak the action he is doing and move to the act he's portraying.   

Well without further talks, here is the said new cool video spiel of Team Runner Rocky created for The Music Run. Let's all watch this:

Yes, this is another impromptu video - we did all the actions and sequence on the spot without scripts. We had three retakes to smoothen the flow and coordination of the cast.

This is also our video wherein almost all of the members were present, 6 out of 10 namely yours truly Rocky, Nelson, Julius, Mark Pizarra, and the first appearance of Jcv and Teng in our videos.

"We had live the beat!" This is our second participation to The Music Run after its introduction to Manila last year. And this is also our second time around doing a video spiel for the said event. Great job team! (Runner Rocky) 

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