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#2R12: Get to Know the 12 Members of Team Runner Rocky Representing the 12 Months of the Calendar

The 12 members of our very own Team Runner Rocky equals the 12 months of the calendar!

Get to know the 12 members of our team representing the 12 months of the calendar via the Team Runner Rocky's Calendar Boys. Yup, each member will represent a month in the calendar. He will be featured for the said month. In other words, he will be the Flavor of the Month on the calendar page he is representing. This is your chance to know each member very well and the up, close, and personal details about himself.   

As a teaser to whom to watch out every month, here we are representing each page of your calendar:



MARCH - Rocky

APRIL - Paolo

MAY - Mark

JUNE - Albert

JULY - Julius

AUGUST - Kenmark

SEPTEMBER - Marknelo




Get to know the January's top achiever Teng Lequin, the February lover boy Nelson Cuevas, the March birthday boy Rocky Batara, the nature lover of the April's earth day Paolo Mesina, the nurse of the May labor day Mark Pizarra, the student of the back-to-school June Albert Dairo, the Roman Julius Ceasar's month of July for Julius Ceasar Aquebay, the stormy August of the seaman Kenmark Ladrilono, the Berday boy of September Marknelo Sarical, the "O" for October and Owel Rowel, the night's party of November for Jumar Jim Villanueva, and the prosperous food of December for Romeo Miyo Briones completing your 2017 calendar!   

12 Members = 12 months!  

Team Runner Rocky is also #2R12 - 2 Rs or double R (Runner Rocky) with 12 Members forming Team Runner Rocky! Our boygroup/boyband approach in the sports, events, and online community! (Runner Rocky)

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