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Team Runner Rocky in Another Back-to-Back Event: CNY and Cruise Buffet

The weekend was really very busy for the boygroup of the sports and online community, the Team Runner Rocky! Saturday, January 28, 2017,  we had another back-to-back event in the morning and in the night inline with two different celebrations.

In the morning, we welcomed the Chinese New Year running in the fun called the CNY Lucky Run 2017.

Afterwards in the evening, we had covered an upcoming Valentines event, the media launch of the Love Locks Fair 2017 followed by a buffet dinner in the Prestige Cruise.

We will have a separate blog posts detailing these two events.

Julius Ceasar Aquebay, Teng Lequin, Albert Dairo, and yours truly Runner Rocky Rocky Chua took part altogether in the said two events. 01/31/2017 (Runner Rocky) 

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