Travel Video: The Huge Lapu-Lapu Monument in Mactan Shrine, Cebu

Runner Rocky together with my running teammates and friends explored the historic City of Cebu for the 10TH Cebu Marathon 2017.   

But aside from running for the marathon, we even had our side trips navigating the rich city. We stayed in the place for 3 days and we spent these traveling in the different remarkable place in City.

On our first day, we visited the Mactan Shrine. This is the historic place in Cebu since this is the place where our first Filipino hero Lapu-Lapu killed the Spanish colonist Ferdinand Magellan.

Therefore, a huge statue monument of Lapu-Lapu was standing here. And he is standing beside me...

Here is the first part of Runner Rocky's travel video for Cebu. Watch this and let's relive the Philippine history:

Of course, I even grabbed my chance to have selfies with our first National Hero Lapu-Lapu. Check these out below:

Taking My Selfie with the Huge Lapu-Lapu Monument in Mactan Shrine, Cebu

This is the Place Where Lapu-Lapu Killed Magellan

This Place is not only Historic, It's Romantic as Well since Lovers Spend Quality Time Here

Expect for more travel stories and travel videos on my upcoming posts as I've shared with you our experience traveling Cebu and the actual feel of the city.

Once more, this is Runner Rocky sharing you the beauty and the history of Cebu City! (Runner Rocky)

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