Watch: The 15 Video Spiels #TVC of Team Runner Rocky

Team Runner Rocky, The Boygroup of Sports and Online Community is now known in making their very own on-the-spot video spiels or the so-called infomercial. These are 1 to 5 minute TV commercial (TVC) like cool videos promoting a product, event, or place. In 2016, the team had created 15 cool trending videos.

Well for today, I have compiled the said 15 Videos for your viewing pleasure. Watch them all and let us know which among them do you like and love the most! Here they are:

1. "Daranak Falls"

2. "Umulan Man o Bumagyo"

3. "The 2nd Li-Ning Manila Run"

4. "The Pink Run"

5. "Herbalife Fighters"

6. "Red is the Color"

7. "The Music Run Revel"

8. "Dew Tour"

9. "Pampanga's Best Madungis Pero Masarap"

10. "Herbalife 22"

11. "The Mannequin Challenge Moves"

12. "I Am a Hero"

13. "Christmas is Sharing the JOY"

14. "TCF and TRD Unite"

15. "#Christmas: The Team Runner Rocky 2016 Station ID"

Have you enjoy the 15 videos?! This 2017, we will create more and we will definitely surpass our previous videos! 'Till next time! (Runner Rocky)

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