Good Luck Team Runner Rocky on The Great Tayak Hill Run 3 - The Postcard Edition

Inline with yours truly's birthday this Sunday, March 19, 2017, the boygroup of sports and digital community, Team Runner Rocky will conquer one of the toughest routes in Laguna, the Tayak Hill via the much anticipated uphill/downhill running event, The Great Tayak Hill Run 3. 

As preparation for the said race at the same time to boost, inspire, and motivate each member that will join the race, a special good luck poster in a postcard type is created featuring the member's chosen favorite quote.

Here are the seven members of Team Runner Rocky who will conquer the Tayak Hill this Sunday with their special individual good luck postcard:

Rocky: "When Life Becomes Harder, Challenge Yourself to be Stronger."

JC: "Running has Never Failed to Give Me Great End Results, and That's Why I Keep Coming Back for More

Owel: "When I Run, I Tend to Connect Myself to Nature, to People, and to My Inner Self , and Therefore I Find Balance and Peace."

Albert: "If you Feel Like Quiting, Ask Yourself Why You Started It."

Rommel: "Keep Running Even If You Are Bleeding."

Ardjay: "I Run When I Can, I Walk if I have to, and Crawl if I Must. My Point is, I Never Give Up."

Julius: "Sweat Can Be Sexy."

The said postcards are designed by our very own TRR's editor Owel Naungayan. Great job and thanks for these Owel!

Hope we inspired you in our very own way! See you all in Tayak Hill and celebrate my birthday with us! 03/16/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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