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Pietro Boselli Sizzles on the Two Latin Covers of Men's Health Magazine

The hottest Math teacher in the world just became a trending topic when he visited the country late last month for his endorsement as a Bench model. And just recently, he once more became talk of the town when he launched his workout video showing him in an island using a Filipino as his workout material. 

Pietro Boselli a Math teacher and also a bankable model at the same time is truly a man everyone is dreaming of. With his sexy hot body and a six-packed sizzling abs, he can easily captivates our hearts! No doubt why his billboards for the said clothing brand turned viral seeing him flaunting his abs!  

But prior to his endorsements in the Philippines, Pietro already became a hot cover hunk of the male health and fitness magazine, the Men's Health magazine Latin issues not once, but twice!  

Yes, Pietro was both a cover guy of the Men's Health Espana and Men's Health Mexico issues. Check him out on the said two covers below:

Pietro Boselli on the Spain Edition of Men's Health Cover

Pietro Boselli on the Mexico Edition of Men's Health Cover

If you see him sizzling hot on the said two covers, what more inside the magazines?! Well, check this behind-the-scene video of Pietro showing him sexier and hotter inside the magazine. Let's all watch this:

Soon, let's schedule a one-on-one fitness session with Pietro sharing his fitness regimens to become the world's hottest Math teacher when he return to the country! Pietro truly owns a hot rock body! 04/15/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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