"Summer Heat" - Team Runner Rocky's 2017 Summer Station ID (Video)

After bringing you our first Christmas Station ID last year which brought all the members of the team in one video, we're delighting you once more with another Station ID (SID). This time, it's for the summer season.  

The boygroup of sports and digital community, Team Runner Rocky is proud to share with you our very own 2017 Summer Station ID dubbed as the "Summer Heat."

Our Summer SID features the 16 members of the team in their hottest photos taken from the different bodies of water. 

Well without further talks, here is our very own 2017 Summer Station ID:

The video is created and edited by yours truly. It was first published and shared in our official Facebook Fanpage and in our YouTube Channel.

Definitely next year, you will expect for more!

Thanks for watching and pardon us for adding more heat on your summer season! 'Till next year! 05/03/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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