Runner Rocky's Fast Talk with Hashtags' Zeus Collins

Zeus Collins is one of the hottest members of the boygroup Hashtags along with McCoy De Leon, Jameson Blake, Nikko Natividad, Paolo Angeles, and Ronni Alonte.  He is well-known being a cool and sexy dancer. And yes, he's also a product of the ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy Big Brother. 

I've finally met in person Zeus during our Plantronic Backbeat Run wherein he is one of the special guest artists. And during that time, I got a chance to chat and mingle with Zeus!

As expected, we had a one-on-one fitness interview wherein he shared his fitness regimens and healthy lifestyle. But aside from that, we had a cool fast talk wherein he willingly shared cool details about himself.

So before we talk about fitness and dancing, let me share with you first my Fast Talk Vlog for Zeus Collins. Here it goes: 

What can you say about the things you have discovered about Zeus?! And yeah, Maja Salvador is really his showbiz ultimate crush! Hope to them together in one dance floor or in one movie or TV series project!

Thanks Zeus for gracing our vlog! God bless and more power! 

On our next post, we'll definitely share his fitness regimens and healthy habits! Stay tune! 07/12/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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