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Exploring Around Caliraya 360 for the Third Time This September 2017!

Yes, this is gonna be our third time around in RunMania's most anticipated race in Caliraya, the Caliraya 360.

Every month of September, Runner Rocky together with the other runners are looking forward for this viewtiful race that let you explore the beauty of Caliraya, Laguna and explore its work-of-the-art land marks.

To excite you further, check out first the trophy of this year's race:

The Symbolic 2017 Caliraya 360 Finisher Trophy for 34K

For the record, the Caliraya 360 run is the first running event outside the metro that gives a finisher trophy to its 34K finishers. It also lets you feel that you finish an ultramarathon because of its finisher's trophy.

Actually, the Caliraya 360 is already on its 5TH year! But I only joined this race for the first time in 2015 with my running team.

Now let's check the singlet design for all categories as well as the finisher's shirt for the 34K finisher: 

The Singlet Design for All Categories

The Finisher Shirt Design for the 34K Finisher

If the 34K finishers are entitle for a trophy, finishers of the 20K category on the other hand is entitle to a medal. And here is the medal's design: 

The Finisher Medal for the 20K Finisher

Here are the complete registration details and registration procedure:

The Viewtiful Landmark of Caliraya

So once more, ready your running team and see you all this September 10, 2017 at the Lumban Town Plaza and let's conquer the Caliraya 360 anew! 

This running event is brought to us by Run Mania Philippines Promotions, the organizer of the premier ultramarathons and running events outside Metro Manila. And of course, we're proud to say that we are #AlagangRunMania! 08/04/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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