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Get to Know the Youthful 51-Year Old Hunk Photographer Chuando Tan and His Ageless Secrets!

As they always say, age is just a number! It doesn't matter how your age increase as long as you grow old gracefully. And this seems so true to now's Singaporean hot photographer Chuando Tan. Can you guess how old is he now?

Yes, Chuando is now 51-Year Old! But look, he doesn't look 51. He looks like 30.

Let me give you a quick background about this guy. He is a former Singaporean model and a Mandarin singer. He has the passion in photography therefore he pursue this passion until he became a celebrity photographer today owning his own agency.

The Modeling Journey of Chuando Tan in Lates 80's to 90's Until the Present

But aside from his passion in photography, Chuando just like Runner Rocky is also a fitness enthusiast! He loves to go to gym and do his daily workout routine. 

Many got amazed (including me) when his hot photos leaked in Social Media. We got curious why he stays ageless and yummy despite the fact that he's already 51. What do you think is his secret?

Since I was surprised with his ageless hot sexy physique, I created my new vlog, my very own Voice Over Vlog featuring this hunk Singaporean photographer Chuando Tan. But wait, there's more! I compared him to our very own Piolo 'Papa P' Pascual!

Let's watch my voice over vlog below:

According to my research, Chuando's secret to his ageless hot body is doing workout a lot and eating chicken meat.  

At the Age of 51, Chuando Gets Hotter and Hotter!

As I've said on my video, Chuando was even featured in the last year's Singaporean edition of Men's Health magazine. Check him out below:  

Now would you agree with me that Piolo Pascual  is our local version of Chuando Tan?!

Hope that when I reach the age of 50, I will still be as hot as him! Let's go! Let's continue our fitness regimens and maintain our healthy lifestyle! 01/23/2018 (Runner Rocky)

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