Meet Runner Rocky's New Fitness Companion: The Plantronics BackBeat FIT 305

Running or doing your fitness workouts is more fun and lively when you have companion. It drives you away from boredom and keeps you motivated to do more. Companion doesn't always mean a person who's without during gym sessions or running events. It can be a device or a sports gear leading you to be fit or guiding you to a healthy lifestyle. And with that, let me introduce to you the new companion of yours truly Runner Rocky

Since Runner Rocky is a lover of music, during my fitness sessions, I always have my own earbuds. This device connects my passion to sports and music. Thanks God I found the new! Guys, let me introduce to you the newest Plantronics earbuds model, the Plantronics Backbeat FIT 305!   

Well before I reveal why this sports gear fits my lifestyle, let's take a glance first to some of my Plantronics Backbeat FIT 305 unboxing photos below:

Now let's list down why this new Plantronics device becomes compatible with Runner Rocky:

1. It is sweatproof. So eventhough I sweat too much during runs or workouts, I worry no more that this device may get damage.

2. It is a wireless device. I can bring it anywhere without the hassle of thinking where to hide long wires.

3. It is lightweight. Seems that you're carrying or handling nothing. It's mass is almost negligible.

4. Deep, rich sound. You may hear your favorite music at its best!

5. Stable. No need to worry even though you're running in a congested area, the sound remains crisp. And it is always uninterrupted.     

6. Fit and comfortable to wear just like yours truly Runner Rocky who is fit and always comfortable to friends to be with.  

These are some of the qualities and best features of the Plantronic Backbeat FIT 305 that I love most. On my next post, I will share with you more photos of me wearing this sports gear during actual races. And of course, more exciting experience to share together with this device, my new companion I always love to be with! 09/04/2018 (Runner Rocky)

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