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Vitasoy Classic Powers Up Your Meal Boosting Energy to Your Body

Who loves Soya? Count me in, since college, I love to drink Soya Milk. Actually my mom said, my infant milk before was Soya Milk. That's why I grow bright according to her.

During my childhood, we bought soya drinks from a Chinese vendor. He delivered the products in out store. Fast forward to the present, there is no anymore Chinese vendor who deliver the products straight to our footsteps. Thanks God, there is a commercial brand bringing back my childhood's favorite. Are you ready to know and taste Vitasoy? Well, check this out:

From working the entire day, to doing groceries, and even making time for gym workouts or hanging out with friends, living a hectic and active lifestyle may take a toll on your stamina.  Help boost your energy throughout the day with Vitasoy Classic.

Vitasoy-Universal Robina Corporation (VURC) offers Hongkong’s well-loved soy milk drink to suit everyone’s on-the-go lifestyle.

The nutritious answer to consumers’ snack time needs, Vitasoy Classic is a great-tasting beverage made from high-quality soybeans that are free from cholesterol and genetically-modified organisms (GMO). It is packed with the right nutrients and protein to power you through your hectic daily schedule. 

Enjoy Vitasoy Classic, the soy milk drink to make your snack breaks healthy!  Classic, a healthy and delicious soy milk drink for your on-the-go snacking needs.

Vitasoy Classic is low in saturated fat, making it an ideal refreshment choice for fitness and wellness enthusiasts who want a healthy drink to accompany their diets. It is also lactose-free and packed with Protein.

Whether you’re craving for a quick snack in the morning or looking for a tasty treat in the mid-afternoon, be sure to power up your break time with a bottle of Vitasoy Classic.

Vitasoy Classic comes in an easy-to-carry 330ml bottle that’s convenient to bring during your snack breaks. This tasty drink is available in three delicious flavors – Original, Chocolate, and Coffee; and is available at convenient stores and all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

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