7 Reasons Why Runner Rocky Should Be in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015

The year 2015 is the year of Runner Rocky. Aside from conquering different roads, places, and running grounds via different marathons, Runner Rocky also conquered the world wide web via this blog. And before its first year anniversary in the world of blogging this coming November, Runner Rocky took part in this year's Emerging Influential Blogs.
This blog which is Runner Rocky truly deserves to be in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015 for the following reasons:

1. Knowing that my blog was very new which started only in November 2014, it eventually got a growing number of readers and followers. Its newly created Facebook Fanpage now got 614 (as of this moment) number of likers and its Instagram account now got a total number of 2,158 (as of this moment) followers. Even in the Top of  Blogs PH, my blog always rank between Top 20 to 35.

2. My blog didn't only caters netizens and readers  but also the runners and sports enthusiasts as well.

3. This blog showcases my two major talents - blogging and running! Therefore, I captivate two different worlds - the world of blogging and the world of running! It's indeed influential not only to bloggers but in runners as well.

4. Since I'm also part of the running team which is TRD (Team Run Direction) and I always blogged our team here in Runner Rocky, our team then becomes popular and prominent giving us now more than a hundred members.

5. Even though this blog is very new, it's so glad that I received now sponsors from the different race organizers and sports brands like from Mizuno, Leadpacks, Chris Sports, AffiniTea Race, RG events, Energizer, AFFI, Men's Health, and Runrio to name few! I am also always invited in the different running events and press/media launch for free.

6. Because of this blog, I also got an offer from the major sports and running blog which is the Takbo.PH to be their regular writer.

7. And of course, this blog also inspires my friends, officemates, and my co-blogger to run and becomes fitness enthusiasts.

These are the seven reasons why Runner  Rocky deserves to be part of this year's list of emerging influential blogs. Well, if you're a blogger and will pick this blog as your choice if you join the said writing project, you may cite those seven reasons.

On my next post, I will reveal my Top 10 picks for this project. This is my annual hobby (since 2010) of picking the best new blogs which truly influence the people around the net! (Runner Rocky)

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Rocky Batara

Known as Runner Rocky, Rocky Batara is the owner of this website. He is an IT expert, a Principal Software QA Engineer by profession and a Blogger and Digital Content Creator by passion and hobby. He loves to blog about lifestyle, celebrities, entertainment, tech, sports, and fitness giving rise to his 6 major active websites. Rocky is also active in Social Media such as in YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok since he loves to take videos and photos of different things including interviewing celebrities and different personalities. You may follow Rocky on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram via his username @therunnerrocky and on YouTube at @RunnerRocky. Meanwhile for inquiries, collaborations, and event invites, feel free to send him email at: rockenroll_04@yahoo.com.

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