Will the Singing Gwapulis Norman Wilemann III Follow the Footsteps of Neil Perez and Don Mcgyver?

If we are familiar with the dancing policeman before or with the model policemen today like Neil Perez and Don Mcgyver Cochico, get ready to meet another extraordinary man in uniform. This time, a singing policeman!

PO1 Norman A. Wileman III is known for his talent in singing. Actually, he already made his own cover versions of the hit songs like Beyonce's "Love on Top" and Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" and those versions immediately turned as viral videos on YouTube. No doubt why this young man grabbed the title of "Best in Talent" in the recently concluded Gwapulis 2016 pageant in the ABS-CBN's morning show, "Umagang Kayganda (UKG)."  

Norman even showcased his God's gift in singing during our recent The Running Addict  fun run serenading the runners who surpassed the challenge of the typhoon Karen!  

Gwapulis Norman A. Wileman III and Runner Rocky
Gwapulis Finalist Norman A. Wileman III and Runner Rocky

PO1 Norman A. Wileman III is Known for His Singing Talent

The said running event paved way for Norman and to yours truly Runner Rocky to crossed paths. And I took this opportunity to know this gwapulis better and share his inspiring story to my readers and co-runners.    

Despite his looks and talent, I've asked Norman why he still chose his profession as a policeman, he said that this is his dream since childhood. "Bata pa lang ako pangarap ko na'to. Nakikita ko kasi sa mga pulis 'ung paglilingkod sa bayan," he explained.

Norman even shared his fitness secrets to keep his hunk physique. According to him, it's both a proper diet and exercise!  

On the deeper side of our conversion, we discussed his colleagues Neil Perez and Don Mcgyver Cochico who were now hailed as international pageant grand winners. Is he eyeing to be like them in the future?!  And if given a chance to chose between being a model, a singer, or a policeman, what will he chose?! Well, find out his answers to my video interview below: 

Norman has his own band performing in different gigs. And yes, he is the lead vocalist, the leader of the band!

Just like Neil and Don, Norman belongs to the new generation of policemen (a gwapulis as they say) -  with talents and a celebrity in the making which truly sets good example to the citizens and inspires more people! Keep it up Norman and great meeting you! See you soon! (Runner Rocky) 

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