Team Cholo Flight: The Rise of the #GoodVibes Team in the Community

"Ang team na nagsimula sa isang simpleng barkadang mahilig mamundok..."

This is how we can describe the humble beginning of this multisports team, a small group that just started with only seven members last June 2016. But after four months, the group eventually grow into a huge team covering not only the running community nor the mountaineers, but also the world of multisport! And yes, this team is now creating a name in the community where we belong!  

Let me throw you back to the day when all started...

In the Beginning

It was Monday, June 13, 2016 when a group of seven friends namely Mark, Onin, Cholo, Nathan, Alwin, Sherwin, and Ramil decided to climb Mt. Tarak in Mariveles. They were not serious on forming a team on that day. They were just a simple barkada who loves to hike and explore the different mountains in the country. But since they have a common interest which is hiking or mountaineering, they keep their communications with one another so that whenever they have plans to climb on a particular mountain, they can easily contact one another. Their communication was constant via Facebook messenger and text.     

They Who Started The Team Cholo Flight - The Initial Members of the Team

In This Mountain, The Mt. Tarak in Mariveles is Where All Started!

In The Name of Passion

Maybe you wonder why the name of the team is Cholo Flight? Well, you're not alone since yours truly is also wondering how this name was derived. This is the story behind the name:

One day, Cholo invited the group to climb. It was Monday then (June 13) and all of them sacrificed that one working Monday just to be together. And since the seven of them have a group chat in Facebook, Mark suggested to have a group name.   

The team was initially named as Team Lunes (since it was an epic moment to climb a mountain on the start of the working days) and as Team Siete (obviously because they were seven in the team). They even used the hashtags #TeamLunes and #TeamSiyete powered by #pasadaPH in their posts. But it was Cholo who inspires them!

Since Cholo always use the hashtag #CholoFlight in all his Facebook posts, the team then agreed to name the group as Team Cholo Flight. And why Cholo is using the hashtag #CholoFlight?

Because of curiosity, one day, Runner Rocky then asked Cholo (when both of them were still together in their previous running team) after their ultramarathon in Cavite why he is using the said hashtag in all of his posts.   

"Cholo Flight, parang Solo Flight. Lagi kase akong mag-isa dati pag namumundok. Kaya sinasabi nila, oh cholo flight ka na naman," Cholo explained.   

Runner Rocky and the Team Cholo Flight Founder and Inspiration, Cholo Aban

The Unexpected Growth

After the formation of the team last June 13, 2016, many got interested with the group. More and more hikers and runners eventually join the team. The seven members then turn to 42 members as of October 14, 2016.

The team then turned into a multisports team (hence Team Cholo Flight MultiSports). It's because the team is now composed not only with active hikers and runners, but also with triathletes (swim, bike, run) with SBR masters! Runners were also those running both road and trail!   

It's also great to know that some of the runners even quit their previous team just to join this group. And yours truly is one of them! It's a choice that you will never regret!  

And since the team is now official with a huge number of members, the official logo and the official team tech shirt were also created: 
The Official Logo of Team Cholo Flight (TCF)

The Official Team Cholo Flight Tech Shirt

Spreading Good Vibes in the MultiSports Community

The team's main goal is to share good vibes to the whole sports community. They are open to every individual who are willing to take their chosen sports to the nth level.

Their vision is to guide all aspiring individuals in the field of multisports (running, swimming, biking, hiking) a home where they can be motivated and freely express themselves and reach their goals.

Their mission is to preserve and promote camaraderie in the multisports community with the goal of helping each other to stay fit, active for life, and to share #GoodVibes.

Now these already answer why Runner Rocky chose Team Cholo Flight over his previous running team! The qualities I've possessed fit to this team.

Runner Rocky is Now an Official Member of Team Cholo Flight

Runner Rocky's Very First Running Event as Team Cholo Flight

More and More Events as a Team

The team's hiking event in Mt. Tarak last June 13, 2016 marked Team Cholo Flight's very first event. It was followed by Caliraya 360 Marathon last September 11 where their official bib name was officially launched!  

In the 2016 Run United Philippine Marathon (RUPM) last October 2, they were officially launched as a team! And the team's first official out of town event was last October 8-9 in Puerto Galera. It was also Cholo's birthday celebration! 

And just last week, October 16, Runner Rocky had his first running event as a Team Cholo Flight member via The Running Addict. It was a memorable event for yours truly as typhoon Karen welcomed me to the team.

Team Cholo Flight is not into competition within the community. We are here to build a solid family who will work with other team/group if needed. We will support every event to the best of our team's capacity. We are simply #TeamCholoFlight spreading #GoodVibes to the community! And Runner Rocky is very proud to be with this team! (Runner Rocky)   

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