The 10 Milestones of Runner Rocky in 2016

2016 was the most successful year so far for the blog and for the runner Runner Rocky as well as for my very own group the Team Runner Rocky. For just a span of one year, Runner Rocky received countless blessings and achievements in different forms. Though 2016 was already concluded, allow me to count the blessings we got from the said year and serve this as an inspiration to our readers and runners. 

I have picked 10 of our achievements for the year to share with you. This will also serve as our 2016 Yearender report. This is my tradition every year in my personal blog Bits of Rocks but for this year, we will have a separate one for the victorious Runner Rocky. 

So to cut the story short, here are the 10 Milestones / Achievements of Runner Rocky in 2016 in no particular order:

1. 2nd Year Blog Anniversary of Runner Rocky

The blog turned 2 years old in the world wide web last November 24, 2016. And for my second year in blogging for fitness, sports, and marathons, I have celebrated it with my own founded group, the Team Runner Rocky.  

2. Team Runner Rocky Officially Launched

Inline with Runner Rocky's second year anniversary in the blogging and running community, I have built my very own team, the Team Runner Rocky and was officially launched during my blog's 2nd year annivesary celebration in Eastwood on November 12, 2016. 

Team Runner Rocky is an all-male group hence a boygroup composed of 10 members. They are Runner Rocky's companions in running, blogging, events, and videographing. Our official tagline is "The Boygroup of Sports and Online Community." 

The team shirt of Team Runner Rocky was also launched during the celebration.

Runner Rocky Blog Celebrated 2nd Year Anniversary with the Launch of Team Runner Rocky

The Cool Wacky BoyGroup Team Runner Rocky (TRR) Rock The Music Run!

The Boygroup Team Runner Rocky Ran for the Children with Special Needs

3. The Launch of the New Runner Rocky Logo

The new official logo of this blog Runner Rocky was released on the second quarter of 2016. Designed by my bestfriend and TRR's graphic artist Romeo 'Miyo' Briones, the logo icon emphasized the double R which not only means "Runner Rocky" but connotes "Strength and Speed."  

The Official Logo Icon of Runner Rocky Officially Launched in 2016

4. Major Blogging Awards from BlogEx Manila and GMA-7 

After the first major blogging awards of Runner Rocky last year as the No. 1 Emerging and Most Influential Blog 2015, your truly then received two new awards in 2016. The first one was the 2016 Best Sports, Health, and Fitness Blog from BlogEx Manila defeating Pinoy Fitness and Erwan Heusaff's blog The Fat Kid Inside. The second was a blogging award from GMA-7 Network recognizing their top bloggers for the year.  

5. Covering Three Major Fitness Competitions

Runner Rocky covered three major fitness competition in 2016! These were the Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016, the Slimmers World Great Bodies 2016, and the Gold's Gym BodyCon 2016.

And great that the contestants of these competitions specially the grand winners like Tom Esconde (Century Tuna), Pio Luz (Slimmers World), and Culver Padilla (Gold's Gym) eventually become Runner Rocky's friends. They shared their fitness regimens in my video interviews with them uploaded in my official YouTube account. 

Runner Rocky Received Two Major Blogging Awards in 2016  from BlogEx Manila and GMA-7

The 43 Runs of Runner Rocky in 2016 with 36 Medals, 10 Trophies, and a Plaque

The Three Major Fitness Competitions Covered by Runner Rocky in 2016 - Century Tuna, Slimmers World, and Golds Gym

6. 43 Runs, 36 Medals, 10 Trophies, and a Plaque

In terms of running as a runner, athlete, and ultramarathoner, Runner Rocky concluded 2016 conquering 43 running events giving me 36 medals, 10 trophies, and 1 plaque.  I have detailed this in my previous post: The Runs of Runner Rocky in 2016. You may check the link as well.

7. Brand Ambassador of Running Shoes

Runner Rocky then becomes an ambassador of two top running shoe brands - the US brand Nike and the Japanese brand Mizuno. 

Two brands of two great qualities helped Runner Rocky achieved his fitness goals.

Runner Rocky Turns Brand Ambassador of Two Running Shoes - Nike and Mizuno

Runner Rocky is Proud Media Partner of Charity Events like ColoRun for Mission and Hope Run

The 15 Trending Video Spiels / TVC of Team Runner Rocky

8. Official Media Partner of Running Events

Runner Rocky is proud to be an official media partner of two charity running events namely the ColoRUN for Mission and the Hope Run 2016. With my running teams, we have ran for the foundations serving the children and we ran as heroes for the children with special needs. 

Aside from these two charity races, Runner Rocky this year was also media partners with running events like the Guerilla Race and the Orani Half Marathon.

Runner Rocky then was also the official blogger of the race organizers like the Smoke 10 Runners, Run Pilipinas, RG Events, Lead Pack and AffiniTea Race. Looking forward maintaining and solidifying our partnerships with them on the coming years.  

9. Stronger in Social Media

Runner Rocky is now only strong in terms of fitness and marathons, but in Social Media as well! In 2016, Runner Rocky dominate the world wide web not only through this blog but also in other forms of Socila Media like in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As of this writing, our official Facebook Fanpage, the number of followers/likers boom to 12, 681.  

Aside from those mentioned social media, Runner Rocky has now an official YouTube channel! It was launched last June 2016. You may watch and enjoy our video spiels, travels, live fitness coverage, and celebrity interviews there via: Runner Rocky YouTube Channel . 

As of this Wrting, Runner Rocky's FB Fanpage has 12, 681 Followers

10. The 15 Video Spiels

Talking about videos and YouTube channel, last but not the least, our very own boygroup Team Runner Rocky become famous doing cool video spiels. These videos were like your favorite TV commercials (TVC) which run 1 to 3 minutes promoting a run, a brand, an event, or hosting a travel show, program, or re-enacting a situation created in our own way on the spot! You may want to watch them again compiled in one blog post here: Watch The 15 Video Spiels TVC of Team Runner Rocky.   

Runner Rocky also became an official member of the running team and multisport group, the Team Cholo Flight (TCF) in 2016. Thank you TCF for having me in your team! Such an honor! :)

2016 was indeed prosperous, strong, and beautiful for Runner Rocky. We will keep it stronger this 2017. "Patuloy ang ating samahan ngayong 2017!" We will inspire you even further! Thank you all! (Runner Rocky)

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