Perfecting the Art of Scenting with Scentsmith Perfumery

There is no signature more remarkable than a person’s scent – a sophisticated mixture of the explosion of the top notes, the subtlety of the mid notes, and the lingering presence of the base notes, all nuanced to a person’s lifestyle and skin acidity. But getting the right scent is not as easy as picking one off the shelves – there’s a science behind it that one must understand.

Scentsmith pays homage to the tradition of perfume making with the use of amber-hued bottles to help preserve the scent of essences, which are highly sensitive to light.
Scentsmith Perfumery, which means an expert on scents, offers the public just that – an unparalleled knowledge and leadership on the art of scents.

“Scents actually have the power to evoke emotions and moments based on our individual experiences. Just like how fresh linen sheets smells of home or how wood is more masculine, every scent has a meaning for us. And that is what we want to bring through Scentsmith – an experience that goes beyond their sense of smell,” said Kristine Torres, brand manager of Scentsmith Perfumery.

Whether it is the smell of rain falling after a long summer or of freshly cut grass, or the scent of lavender or rose that was long pressed in the middle of a book, scents evokes emotions and feelings.

There’s more to a scent than what we can smell. Scentsmith Perfumery has perfected the art of scents – learning and understanding how each scent works is what sets the brand apart from everyone else.

True to the origin of scenting, Scentsmith maintains a very transparent approach with its product line in simple, straightforward packaging, a clear list of its non-toxic ingredients, and basic no-frills bottles. The personal and homecare products of Scentsmith are formulated without parabens, SLES, phthalate, mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, and DEA.

“Consumers these days are very conscious of what goes inside the products they use. But there are still a lot of people who do not understand how to get the proper scent that would suit their lifestyles best – a person who is exposed to high humidity cannot use the same perfume as someone who stays indoors the whole day,” said Abdon.

Scentsmith is not just about perfumes but also includes every aspect where fragrance plays a part – from linens to entire rooms, and even the bathroom.

There is more to understand about scents and its power, just take for example the acidity of a person’s skin or the lifestyles that they live. The thing with scents is that it is easily affected by various elements like heat which can come from the body or the environment.

Aside from perfumes, scents play an equally important role in making spaces more livable – home become more homey, offices can become more professional or less intimidating, and beds can become more inviting. One of the quirkier products of Scentsmith Perfumery are the Loo Drops, primarily used to keep the bathroom smelling fresh despite the incidents that may have occurred.

Inspired by how perfumeries were established in early times, Scentsmith uses amber-toned bottles to store its various product lines that ranges from fragrances, body care, hair care, and home products. In development are travel, skin care, and fragrances for the car.

Scentsmith Perfumery brings back the most essential in the art of scenting, a true understanding of the power of each scent.

Every fragrance from Scentsmith Perfumery is carefully crafted to bring together and release its notes at exactly the right moment.

Curious about Scentsmith? Here are the FAQS

1.    Who is S C E N T S M I T H?

S C E N T S M I T H Perfumery offers a wide range of safe and premium quality products by blending ingredients from nature with non-toxic alternatives and advanced science with proven record of safety and efficacy. Our formulations are free from paraben, SLES, phthalate, mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin and DEA.

2.    Why S C E N T S M I T H?

S C E N T S M I T H takes inspiration from the craftsmanship that comes into “smithing.” When something is called the work of a smith, it is understood that it was created by an artisan. This is the same message that S C E N T S M I T H carries—every Scentsmith fragrance is compounded as an art.

3.    What are S C E N T S M I T H’s offerings?

S C E N T S M I T H’s vision is to create access and avenues for the positive effects of aromas on human behavior, including feelings and emotions through our array of products. Our current product lines are the ff:

•    Fragrance – Eau de Perfume (Women/Men/Unisex), and Solid Perfume Salve (Women/Men/Unisex)
•    Body– Body Lotion, Body Wash, Body Oil
•    Hair – Shampoo, Conditioner
•    Home – Aroma Mist, Aroma Diffuser, Aroma Candle, Loo Drops

4.    What sets S C E N T S M I T H apart from other perfumeries?

S C E N T S M I T H offers on-the-spot blending, compounding, and packaging for Eau de Parfum. Once one has selected their scent, Scentsmith proceeds to hand-blend the bottle and personalize it.

5.    Which scents are popular among your patrons, and why?

For Men, the woody scents of 204 Saffron Oud and 203 Lavandin & Sandalwood are favorites. While, the mix of fresh, floral and woody scents of 104 White Magnolia and 101 Bergamot Patchouli are popular among women patrons.

6.    Which scents do you recommend for men and women?

As mentioned, scents 203 and 204 are popular among men, and 101 and 104 for women. However, it is important to note that fragrances will vary for people due to different due to our distinct skin chemistry, and other factors such as fat content, diet and even medication.  The more oil-filled your skin is, the more oil the perfume has to cling to. 

Occasion where it was worn, as well as the season/weather also play big roles when choosing the right scent.

7.    What are the unisex scents?

S C E N T S M I T H also offers a selection of gender-neutral fragrances, and these are 301 Citrus Vetiver, 302 Pepper Guaiacwood, 303 Ambrette Sea Salt, 304 Lavander Nectarine, and 305 Lavender Tonka.

8.    What’s a common perfume misconception that you wish to correct, to help people better appreciate scents?

One common misconception is that quality perfume has to be expensive. The price of a certain fragrance is usually dictated by supply and demand. But quality perfume is possible at the right price if crafted cost-efficiently, like as S C E N T S M I T H does it.

9.    What can we look forward to from S C E N T S M I T H?

S C E N T S M I T H just introduced eight more fragrances, and will be launching new product lines specifically for the home, which are: candles, humidifier oils, and blended aroma oils.

We will also be following up the success of the first store here in Greenbelt by opening new branches, so stay-tuned for details on that. 11/08/2018 (Team Runner Rocky)

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