The Generation of Hypertaskers: Energy Hacks to Stay Focused and Productive

One of the traits of yours truly Runner Rocky is "multi-tasker" or has the ability to perform or accomplish many tasks in a given time. Well as you know me, I'm a Software QA Engineer by profession, an ICT part-time professor by choice, a blogger and vlogger by hobby, and a runner and fitness enthusiast by preference. Definitely you wonder how I accomplish those activities successfully? 

So for today, let me share with you a blog post about multi-tasking and its counterpart, the hypertasker 

Ever wondered how some people can finish their 8-9-hour task in the office and still manage to go out after for a quick jump on the treadmill or have a few drinks with their friends? These people may either be hustlers managing their tasks or they really just make the most of their time and energy. Either way, we can consider these people as hypertaskers, individuals who manage to do multiple tasks in a day and still have some down time for leisure. Nonetheless, all of us strive to have that perfect balance between work and play to avoid overworking. While taking your job very seriously is a good quality trait, it is still important to take a breather and have some time for yourself. 

Here are 4 life hacks that will ensure you to maximize your time for work and leisure at the same time.

Manage your Energy, Have a Schedule

As time is a constant number with everyone having the same 24 hours in a day, what we can control is how we manage our energy on the events we schedule in a day. Having a To-do list helps prioritize your tasks and deliverables. Consider finishing tasks that are important first and maybe do the rest when you’ve managed to submit the important ones. In this way, you will be able to arrange your tasks by level of importance and focus most of your energy to work on those which you need to finish right away. Focusing most of your energy on the wrong tasks may lead to inefficiency which will eventually hinder you to finish the rest of your work.

Have a Clear and Positive Mindset

    Having control over your mindset is a power like no other, and it is a skillset that can be learned. A positive attitude reverberates into the actions you make no matter what the challenge may be. As simple as waking up with a positive attitude can go a long way. Setting your mind to focus on the positive will eventually translate your physical body into doing more work thus accomplishing more. And besides, having a positive attitude will radiate a more positive energy which will not only benefit the people you work with but also on how you look and feel.

Allot Time for Friends and Family

    Considering how much you work, it is essential to spend time with your friends and family. This is a beneficial way of relaxing and taking work stress off your mind. Your peers can be a positive form of distraction from the negative things that you are trying to distance yourself from. They can also be a good form of motivation for you to try something new such as hiking, working out as a group, or heading out-of-town to explore underrated spots. Spending time with your family and friends can lead you to achieve new goals.

Have Time for Yourself

    Giving yourself time to recuperate and recover from work stress is a good way to slow down and take a breather. Whether you are planning to rest and stay indoors, or do something that will benefit you physically and mentally, giving yourself some time to relax is essential.  Going to the gym and staying active will not only make you physically healthy, but will also train your mind to focus on the positive which in turn helps you become more productive.

    Amidst all the work and the tasks that you must accomplish, there is a need to prioritize your health and have some downtime to avoid overworking and burnout. In order to stay focused and productive, you must find that perfect balance between work and play. Applying these with discipline and habit, these energy life hacks will surely improve your focus and productivity to keep on taking charge.

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