3 Types of Events for a Belly Dancer

With its cultural roots firmly in the Middle East, belly dancing is a physical art form that has stirred people's imaginations and hearts for hundreds of years.  Dancing and moving to music quickly, skilled performers are there to dazzle and put on a show.  It may surprise most people, but belly dancers are widely available for hire, giving every host and hostess the chance to throw a party with exotic dancing and fun.

These movers and shakers are great for any event, but there are three main celebrations that they get hired for, two of which may catch you off guard!


Although a dance style as seemingly provocative as belly dancing may not be what many consider for a wedding, this art form is more than just shimmying to music.  Performers can dance out outstanding choreography, tilting and spinning, and stretching to the music until it seems like they're a part of it.

For weddings, these dancers are great because they can breathe exciting energy into the crowd.  People at the reception will be more likely to want to get up and move if the performers are; you'll be able to avoid a dreaded empty dance floor instead of making it into a welcoming and fun place for people to enjoy celebrating your marriage.

The wedding party may also hire them beforehand for bachelor and bachelorette parties to have fun cutting loose and enjoying an incredible show.

Birthday Parties 

This type of party is the number one place that belly dancers get hired.  There's nothing quite like a bunch of beautiful and skilled dancers performing to celebrate living another year on Earth.  The birthday person will feel reinvigorated, and the party-goers will enjoy the performance and energy as well.  Some belly dancers have unique routines to wish birthday guys and gals extra luck in their new age.

New Years Parties 

New Years' parties have dwindled lately since many people aren't finding them very exciting and are instead turning to celebrate at home.  New Years' parties are becoming more extensive and more exciting every year in retaliation to this attitude.  People are hiring new entertainment, they're getting better caterers, and many turn to belly dancers!

Belly dancers have incredible energy around them that allows them to excite and entice guests while bringing up any party's mood.  Imagine ringing in the new year enjoying a performance by belly dancers as the Times Square ball drops.  There's so much reason to celebrate another year, new opportunities, a reset clock: why not make it bigger and better with some belly dancers? Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance and is highly misunderstood by most popular media.  These performers work hard and create beautiful movements with their bodies, following choreography or making a show on their own as the music strikes them.  Although any party would be lucky to have these dancers as the entertainment, don't be surprised if the next wedding, birthday party, or new years celebration you go to has a couple! 03/31/2021 (Runner Rocky)


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