#DrinkLikeABoss with these Healthy Guilt-Free Fruit Enzymes Drink from True Boss!

Milk tea, fruit tea, or even fruit juices are widely popular nowadays. Honestly, yours truly Runner Rocky is a big fan of these three tea varieties specially the milk tea. I've already tasted most of the well-known fruit and milk teas in the country. But being a fan of teas and juices, have you already heard of fruit enzymes?!  

Way back in my glorious school days, we often heard of the word 'enzymes.' Based on my stored knowledge, enzymes are actually natural body chemicals necessary for biological processes in our body. But what is exactly fruit enzymes? Well, let me discuss these in our today's blog. :)   

Actually there is a fruit juice company wherein their specialty are fruit enzymes. And this is the True Boss. Ok, let me introduce first True Boss to you.

All the way from Taiwan to the Philippines, True Boss is the country’s very first fruit enzyme specialty drink shop in the Philippines! Each drink served is made from fresh fruits and vegetables with ingredients certified by SGS, an international testing and certifying body that upholds the highest standard for quality and integrity across the food and beverage industry.

What are Fruit Enzymes EXACTLY? 

True Boss’ Fruit Enzymes are made from fermented fruits and vegetables that are rich in amino acids and proteins. These create chemical reactions in the body that speed up the rate of metabolism to help support a healthy gut.

Do we need Enzymes in our body?

Yes. Without enzymes, our body will cease to exist. Enzymes are inherently found in the human body. It is a quintessential element of the body which sustains life and maintains normal bodily functions.

Why do we need the extra enzyme in our body?

The enzymes in our body would often get depleted as it operates daily. Hence, the body needs additional enzymes from external sources such as nutrient rich food and drinks in order to function normally.

Benefits of Fruit Enzymes  

When enzymes are consumed, these help the body perform fundamental tasks such as

  • Breakdown food particles and fat during digestion
  • Flush out toxins and harmful chemicals
  • Build muscle mass

Since fruit enzymes are made from fermented fruits and vegetables, these naturally contain vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, B6, C, E, and K, which equip the body with essential nutrients in fighting bacteria and viruses to protect your immune system. 

What True Boss Offers 

True Boss offers a variety of Fruit Enzyme Drinks that can be specifically customized to each customer’s taste preference. In choosing a drink, customers must first pick one preferred enzyme base. They can also level up their drink by adding freshly cut fruits, basil seeds, aloe vera, and pearls.

Five Fruit Enzyme Bases

1. Peach Enzyme

Flavor Profile: Sweetest enzyme base available but still has a sour kick (doesn’t taste like canned peaches that is widely available in the market)

Product Highlight: Promotes cell growth, speeds up healing, and prevents breakouts

2.  Cranberry Enzyme 

Flavor Profile: Tart or sour but has a sweet kick (unlike boxed cranberry juices)

Product Highlight:  Prevents bacteria that cause urinary tract infections

3.  Apple Enzyme

Flavor Profile: Primarily sweet but has a kick of sourness (closer to Apple Cider than apple juice)

Product Highlight: Contains polyphenols which improves or helps treat digestive issues

4. Plum Enzyme

Flavor Profile: Tastes like champoy or kiamoy which is primarily sour

Product Highlight: High in Vitamin C content which helps in strengthening the immune system. This vitamin is responsible for building the body's resistance against infections and inflammation.

5.  Grape Enzyme

Flavor Profile: Tastes sweet yet bitter with a tart punch

Product Highlight: Contains Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) that is not produced in our body. It also contains Resveratrol that aids in metabolizing fatty acids, lowers blood sugar and protects you against the development of certain cancers.

Aside from these, a good selection of freshly brewed teas and specialty drinks is available to complete the full True Boss experience.

With all these benefits, True Boss is truly a guilt-free drink you wouldn’t mind indulging in everyday. Go ahead! Try a cup of True Boss’ Fruit Enzyme drink and give your immune system an extra boost! 

Where to find True Boss?

    * E. Rodriguez

(02) 7900-2076 / (0906) 294 5070

    * West Avenue

(02) 7747-3171 / (0916) 270 9916

    * SM Mall Of Asia

(02)77464608 / (0967) 4524087

     * Wilson, Greenhills

(02)75271451 / (0966) 3276351


True Boss store is also available in GrabFood and FoodPanda.

To know more about True Boss, follow them on their social media pages:

Facebook & Instagram: @TrueBossPH

Hashtags: #TrueBossPH #DrinkLikeABoss


After I've tasted these five variants of True Boss, my teas expectation exceeded. This is now my new favorite. I love those five flavors. And yeah, it's a guilt-free drinking giving all those health benefits that I have discussed! Let's go and let's drink! Try it yourselves and let me know your thoughts afterwards! 04/09/2021 (Runner Rocky)

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