Maxicare and Southstar Drug’s Run for Wellness 2024 Let Us Unlock Our Inner Champion Leading to a Best Life!

Yours truly Runner Rocky is back on the running ground! And yes, I've took part again as a runner and as a media / blogger in this 2024 edition of Maxicare and Southstar Drug's Run for Wellness!  

So for today, let me share with you the exciting story about this fun run and why this year's edition is extra-ordinary than the previous. Here it goes:

How does one define their best life? For many, it means doing the things they love freely with a healthy body and mind. Others may say it’s fulfilling their personal and career goals, while some may relate it to their ability to give back to their family and community.

Whatever your definition, one thing is certain: your journey to your best life begins with embracing a healthy and active lifestyle. Southstar Drug and Maxicare, champions of health and wellness, provide a starting point for this through Run for Wellness. This event aims to empower Filipinos to develop healthier habits through running. 

This year's Run for Wellness is ​o​ne-of-a-kind as it aims to honor the national athletes of the country by supporting their journey to win gold in upcoming competitions. It also seeks to share the stories of their passion and dedication to bringing pride to the Philippines. By doing so, the event encourages participants to become champions and support others in becoming champions.

Health is power

Competing on the international stage and bearing our country's flag is no easy task—it requires years and years of hard work, patience, and dedication to reach the pinnacle of success in their respective sport. For Levi Jung-Ruivivar, prioritizing her health and well-being is a big factor in becoming the champion athlete she is today.

“As an elite gymnast, I try to do everything possible to get a competitive edge over other athletes. To do that, I spent a lot of time going to physical therapy, doctor's appointments, and taking care of my nutrition and mental health,” she said. “I really make sure to take care of my body and do lots of recovery, focus on my sleep, and get the right foods in my system. These help me perform to the absolute best that I can.”

“Staying healthy is crucial especially for us young athletes. As we vie for a spot in the Olympics and medals in international games, we put so much importance on our health, so we can be at our very best each time we compete,” said weightlifter Vanessa Sarno.

Rise as champions

An athlete’s journey is filled with countless ups and downs, but they continue to endure to become champions who can proudly represent the Philippines. Champions come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds—they are all within us! We just have to unlock them for ourselves.

Joanie Delgaco, who made history after becoming the first Filipina rower to qualify for the Olympics, said the first step to becoming a champion is showcasing what you’re good at.

“Don’t be afraid to show people what you can do. This doesn’t only apply to athletes. You can do this even at your workplace. And, of course, always practice self-discipline,” she added. 

Jung-Ruivivar also emphasized the importance of setting goals for yourself and loving what you do: “Non-athletes can unlock their inner champion by establishing goals for themselves and setting aside schedules to help facilitate reaching those goals. You should be doing things you love and enjoy, even when difficult. It’s also good to have a support system that motivates and pushes you to do your best.

Taking on the challenge of embracing their wellness and rising as champions were the 6,624 runners who joined the UP Diliman leg of the Run for Wellness last June 16, 2024.  The annual running event featured 3KM, 5KM, and 10KM distances. It attracted experienced and novice runners who are well on their path towards unlocking their best life, which included executives from Southstar Drug, Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc (RRHI), Maxicare, select VIPs, media, content creators, and celebrity couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez. 

Following this, Southstar Drug and Maxicare will bring the Run for Wellness event to Naga City on September 15, 2024, as they empower wellness advocates and runners in the Bicol region to join the movement and rise as champions.

Once more, congratulations to all the runners, successful finishers, and champions of this running event! 06/21/2024 (Runner Rocky)

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