Things I Love Most About the Gen Z Smartphone, the Newest realme C65

In today's age of Social Media, smartphone is really a must-have. Almost everyone today even kids are having their own mobile phones. That's why different mobile phone companies are manufacturing different phone models - smartphones are truly rising like mushrooms! 

Talking about smartphones, yours truly Runner Rocky got the privilege to review and experience the newest smartphone from realme. And this is no other than the realme C65

Launched earlier this June 2024, the newest realme C65 is dubbed as the "Quality Champion Experience." It elevates your experience with this smartphone, where premium quality seamlessly intertwines with captivating design made for the youth.

Right after receiving the phone, I immediately unboxed it and got my first hand impression about this new model from realme. Having this phone for the first time, I love its sleek design, it gives you a premium feel. And yes, it is light weight making it lovely to hold!

The newest realme C65 smartphone comes in two colors, the Starlight Black and the Starlight Purple. In my case, I got the Starlight Black! 

Inside the box also includes its accessories including the fast charger, the Type C cable port, the silicon case, and the manuals about the phone. Well, to share with you a first look about this smartphone, here is my quick unboxing video of the realme C65. Let's watch this:

Now let's have a product deep dive about this exciting realme C65. Let's start with its real essentials! The phone's real essentials include Air Gestures, Dynamic Button, Mini Capsule 2.0, Rainwater Smart Touch, Smart Code Scan, Customized Lowest Brightness, AI Boost, and Riding Mode. 

The realme C65 is TÜV Rheinland Certified. This certification assures users of the quality the device is guaranteed to have after testing. TÜV SÜD 48-Month Fluency Rating has been granted to the realme C65 after going through rigorous tests that measured its capacity to run at peak performance over time after a wide variety of tasks including continuous opening of apps, app switching, and playing games. The device is also placed under a variety of harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures and humidity. TÜV Low Blue Light Certification was granted to the realme C65 after testing to determine its ability to reduce the amount of harmful blue light emitted through software solutions. 

The smartphone is also fast charging! It get charged from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes, then up to 100% in 77 minutes. Equipped with charging algorithms such as VCVT Intelligent Tuning Algorithm that automatically adjusts voltage and current for improved charging performance. Equipped with a VFC Trickle Charging Algorithm that slows down charging at the last 10% to conserve battery health. FFC Charging is paired with this to improve charging efficiency between 90% to 100%. It has 38 Safety Protections to guarantee safe and fast charging from all components including the charger, data cable, charging interface & circuit, and the battery.

The realme C65 is IP54 Dust & Water Resistance. The first number (5) certifies that the realme C65 is proven and tested to have Ingress Protection against the intrusion of small particles such as dust; although not completely repelled, the amount of dust that can accumulate on the device will not affect the device’s functionality in normal circumstances. The second number (4) indicates a level of Ingress Protection against splashes of water in all directions; but this only guarantees resistance – the device is not submersible.

Talking about its camera, it has a 50MP AI Camera. The rear camera module holds a 50MP main shooter with an FoV of 79.5° and a Focal Length of 26mm. This camera is capable of taking 50MP Full Resolutions shots, can record video at up to1080p @30fps. It’s paired with a variety of features embedded into realme UI such as the Portrait Mode, Street Mode, Night Mode, Tilt-Shift, Dedicated Filters and Dedicated Watermarks with a wide selection of choices for customization. The main rear camera above is paired with a secondary lens that acts as a depth sensor to support it. Let me share with you as well my actual shots using the realme C65. Here they go:

Now let's talk about the phone's physical appearance! It has a 6.67” large display (measured diagonally) with a punch hole notch at the top center housing the selfie camera and a 90Hz Refresh Rate. It is designed with HD+ (High Definition at 1604x720) with 500 Nits of Brightness that can go higher to 625 Nits in HBM (High Brightness Mode).

Can go down to 1 Nit of Brightness which is rare in the price segment.. Having this capability helps the user’s eyes navigate the phone better in poorly lit or very dark places. This can be toggled both manually with the brightness slider or automatically when Auto Brightness is toggled on. Auto Brightness adapts to surrounding ambient lighting conditions and selects the needed level of brightness for comfortable use. 

The back of both colors are inspired by the concept of starlight. A double texture was created in order to create a special effect that’s reminiscent of stars shining. For craftsmanship, the phone went through 12 processes with 7 layers of a 300nm nano-optical coating plus a drench-coating highlighting process to create the starlight texture with high precision.

The phone was made to be slim at 7.64mm with the battery’s thickness being only at 4.4mm even at 5000mAh. It’s also lightweight even with a large battery capacity at only 185 grams.

The camera module’s plate was made with polycarbonate & 10% glass fiber with a vacuum-plated high-gloss process. The halo rings are made with PMMA+PC with a 150nm (Starlight Black) or 300nm (Starlight Purple) coating for the 3D flash effect that’s seen on the camera module.

The phone’s also designed with a “right angle” in mind allowing the phone to stand on its own – paired with curved edges that make the device comfortable and easy to hold.

The realme C65 smartphone is also my new fitness companion. I always bring it to the gym with a fitness app installed with it to track and monitor my different exercises and fitness activities. Oh well, let me share with you my gym photos taken using the new realme C65 smartphone. Here are some:

What also good about the realme C65 smartphone is that it can easily integrate to any fitness device such as the smartwatch. My smartwatch is successfully integrated to this new phone making my fitness activities well-tracked and well-recorded!

Talking about the other important things about this smartphone is its capacity and storage. It uses up to 8GB of the device’s internal storage to act as Virtual RAM to help improve total performance and overall multitasking. With Dynamic RAM Expansion activated, the user has an option to select from 3 options of how much storage to use as Virtual RAM.

With DRE (Dynamic RAM Expansion) set to 8GB for a total of 16GB RAM (with the physical RAM) the phone is able to open and run apps faster, plus retain up to 21 Apps being left open in the background.

Large and ample storage that can store at least 860 TV Series episodes, or 53,760 songs, or 53,760 photos. (Based on an average of 250MB for each 720p HD video episode, and 4MB for each song or photo). Can also accommodate up to a total of up to 70 gaming apps (Based on an average of 3GB per app).

A new and improved version of realme UI based on Android 14. Now having a more updated design, and new features that are tailor-made for security, personalization, and performance. Includes features launched alongside realme UI 5.0 such as File Dock & PhoneLink.

realme UI 5.0 features such as Smart Image Matting, and Flash Capsule are not included given device compatibility.

Includes new features currently exclusive to the realme C65 such as Smart Code Scan, Customized Lowest Brightness, Air Gestures and Mini Capsule 2.0. Also allows the inclusion of features such as Riding Mode, and Dynamic Button.

The phone also allows a total Standby Time of up to 28.7 Days (at at least 5.6 days versus some competitors). Also allows up to 36.5 Hours of Phone Calls / 16.6 Hours of YouTube / 22.7 Hours of Chatting on WhatsApp / 24.7 Hours of Twitter or X / 81.6 Hours of Music Streaming / 8.3 Hours of FPS Gaming with games such as Free Fire (HQ Benchmark) / 6.4 Hours of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The phone makes use of the phone’s single downward-firing speaker to boost the user’s audio experience. This enhancement in low frequency audio and loudness is done through realme’s own self-developed audio algorithms.

The realme C65 has undergone 320+ Stringent Tests inclusive of 500,000 times of clicking the power button / 100,000 times of clicking on the volume rocker buttons / 20,000 times of plugging and unplugging the USB cable / 500,000 times of taps and clicks on the display / 10,000 times of plugging in and out from the headphone jack / Long-term high temperature and high humidity at 65°C, 95%RH for 14 days.

Meanwhile, here is the summary of the realme C65 specifications. Let's check this:

Now talking about the price, the realme C65 has a suggested retail price of Php 9,999 for 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

With the price and features, the newest realme C65 is indeed a smartphone for every teen, students, and Gen Z. It's a device that will truly make you start creating new memories!

Are you excited to grab your own realme C65? Well, hurry up 'cause different stores and online shops are giving exciting freebies when you avail this newest phone model from realme! 06/30/2024 (Runner Rocky)

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