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One is to Five: Team Run Direction to Conquer 5 Different Runs This Sunday!

"One Team, One Spirit, One Passion!"

This holds true as Team Run Direction dominates 5 different runs at the same time this Sunday, January 11, 2015. Yes, One Team in 5 Major Runs! 

Members of the team will represent TRD in five different running events. Here are the said major running events with the corresponding TRD participants:  

TRD on the Egg Power Run:

TRD on the Miles for Jeremiah:

TRD on the Resolution Run:

TRD on the Cebu Marathon:

TRD on the Tarak Ridge:

Yours truly will be in the Egg Power Run with my teammate Juden.

Though we're scattered in five major events, TRD is still one as we are united with one goal, one passion, and one spirit which is RUNNING! Team work will still be felt this Sunday even though we are in the different locations of the country!

Last Sunday, January 4, TRD also participated in two different running events which were the Color Manila 2015 and the Hashtag Fun Run

This Sunday, TRD will create its first record for 2015 - one team participating in five different runs at the same time! Truly sounds great and exciting! Good luck team to our respective runs! Another record-breaking success is in our hands! #ProudTRD - Runner Rocky

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