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Run For Your Life 2 - The Designs of Race BIB, Singlet, Finisher Shirt, and Medals

Ateneo University and Runrio launched "Run For Your Life 2," a major running event  for the benefit of the scholars of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health 

The event will take place on March 1, 2015 inside the grounds of Ateneo De Manila  and UP Campus.

Details of the registration were already published in my previous post: Run for Your Life 2.

As promised, here are the designs of the BIB, singlet, finisher shirt, finisher medal, and winner medals. Let's check them out:

The BIB Designs:

The Race Singlet Design:

The Finisher's Shirt Design:

The Finisher's Medal Design:

The Winner's Medal Design:

Well, are you excited for this run for the scholars?! Then what are you waiting for, c'mon, let's run with me! Runner Rocky will definitely conquer this race! See you on the road this March 1, the start of my birth month!  - Runner Rocky

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