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Captured Moments: Men's Health Training Combine 2

Runner Rocky took part in the Men's Health Training Combine for the second time around! This time, I underwent a Spartan training!

Before I'll share with you my challenging experience in this fitness training as well as my many action-packed photos, let me share with you first three of the photos captured by Men's Health during the event. Here they are:

Runner Rocky is a Certified MH Guy:

Posing with the Century Tuna Models:

Glad Working Out Again with Juan Direction's Michael McDoneil:

Men's Health Training Combine is really one of the best fitness training! I love all their challenges giving me the inspiration to get fit and sexy! And of course, I love their tech fitness shirt!

Catch my upcoming posts 'coz I'll be detailing my two Men's Health Training Combine experiences! Stay tune my co-fitness enthusiasts! (Runner Rocky)

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