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The Wounds of Success!

For the very first time, yours truly Runner Rocky took the courage to run the 50K Ultramarathon. Or to be exact, that total distance was 52 Kilometers.

The said ultramarathon organized by Run Mania was held in Tarlac, Pampanga last August 23, 2015 in commemoration to the death anniversary of Sen. Ninoy Aquino Jr. Hence the ultramarathon was dubbed as the "Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr. Day 50K Ultramarathon!"

After the race, here's what I've got:

Yes, my feet were bloody as it was wounded by my slippers! 

Since, my feet got painful because of my shoes, I decided to wear slippers instead on my last 12 km. But the situation turned worse because my slippers wounded my feet.

But still at the end of the race, it felt painless when I received my trophy, my medal, and my finisher shirt as my sweet rewards:

Look at me when I crossed the finish line - so tired and feeling painful but still happy and smiling!

I'll share more about Runner Rocky's first ultramarathon experience on my next posts! This was indeed a truly one of my most memorable experience in the field of running! A true sign of #fitsperation! (Runner Rocky)

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