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#MILOMarathon: Runner Rocky in Three Consecutive Milo Marathons #BuildChampion

The Milo Marathon Fever continues! Conquering this prestige and elite running event truly certifies you as an official marathoner! 

Yes, yours truly Runner Rocky is a certified product of Milo Marathon or should I say, a Milo Marathon Baby! I've been with this competitive running event for three consecutive now.

I started to run in Milo wayback July 2014. And yes, I took the courage to run 21K with a strict cutoff time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Thanks God I've achieved it finishing strong in the finish line though my thumb nail in my left foot died. 

Then in July 2015, I still ran another 21K. Still, I was able to beat the cutoff without any injuries. I promise to myself that in the next Milo Marathon, I will take the 42K category.

My dream to conquer the full 42.195K full marathon finally came true last week, July 31, 2016. This was another courageous act to beat the strict 6 hours cutoff for a full marathon. And yes, I arrived at the finish line within the cutoff time strong and kicking gaining the most-talked about huge hard-earned plate-type medal!   

As you can see in the photo above, a compilation of my three National Milo Marathon finish line photos to inspire my co-runners and my readers to strive hard and achieve their goals! Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself!

So next year, expect that these photos will turn into four! See you again in 2017 for the 41st National Milo Marathon! (Runner Rocky)   

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