The Fitspiration Story of Joaquin Pedro Valdes - The Mr. Gold's Gym BodyCon Grand Winner!

Theater actor and director Joaquin Pedro Valdes is currently hailed as the Mr. Gold's Gym Philippines BodyCon 2016 grand winner!  His sexy hot and gorgeous body defeated the other contenders in the said fitness competition which Runner Rocky covered late last year.

But did you know that Joaquin is former fat?! Well, check out his before and after photos below:

Joaquin Pedro Valdes from Fat to Fab
During the final competition of BodyCon, I got a chance to interview this hunk actor. He revealed his strict diet and intense workout. He go to the gym almost everyday! He involved in different fitness activities. He run but of short distance. 

Here is my video interview with him:

And check out his fitspiration photos below during the pageant:

Now a Fit and Hot Joaquin Pedro Valdes on the Gold's Gym BodyCon 2016

The Winning Moment of Joaquin Valdes as the Mr. Gold's Gym Philippines 2016

Runner Rocky and Joaquin Pedro Valdes After My Interview

Joaquin is a living proof that hardwork and patience could result in something great! From fat to fit...nothing is impossible! He's another success story of fitness enthusiasts who started from fat then ended up hot and sexy1 (Runner Rocky)

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