Teaser: Who Wants to Own a Huge 'Anito' - Like Running Trophy?!

An upcoming running event excites most of the runners (including of course yours truly Runner Rocky). This is a 6 hours + 3Km Endurance Run dubbed as the "Tribong Kabihug" that is set to conquer the running scene this coming May 2016.

What makes us excited about this running event?! Well, it's the huge golden trophy depicting the historical "Anito."

Check this out below and see it yourself:

A Golden Trophy Depicting an Ancient 'Anito'

Oops... that actual trophy is not final yet! There is a string in the creature's arrow. And yes, it will be enclosed in a huge glass - the same package that we had when we ran for Rogel last January 2016.

Meanwhile back to our Philippine History, "Anito" is actually the ancient Filipino tradition wherein they kept statues representing spirits of their beliefs. They also asked guidance and magical protection from these statues.

So who wants to own a trophy like this?! Count me in 'coz me and my running team will definitely join in this exciting race! More details will be revealed soon! 03/28/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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