Teaser: How the "Meant To Be" Hunks Jak, Ken, Ivan, and Addy Achieve Their Fit and Sexy Body?

Soon on Runner Rocky - the four hunk lead casts of the GMA-7's hit primetime romcom "Meant to Be" revealed in an exclusive one-on-one vlog interview  how they achieve their sexy abs and chiseled body everyone is dying for!  

Known as the Jeya Brothers in the series, what do you think are Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Ivan Dorschner, and Addy Raj's sexy secrets to a fit and hot body?! And what makes them today as a hunk and a boy-next door type at the same time? If your're Barbie Forteza who played Billie in the show, who among them will you choose?!

Well, side-by-side by my "La Luna Sangre" special, these hunks' video interviews will truly be your next fitspiration.

Stay tune guys as we heat up the atmosphere with their stories! 08/02/2017 (Runner Rocky) 

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