Vlog Spiel: Team Runner Rocky for the Cloud Fest Fun Run 2017

After the success of the Love Locks Fair 2017 last February, the boygroup of sports and digital community Team Runner Rocky was back in the Prestige Cruise to promote the newest family fun run, the Cloud Fest Fun Run 2017.

This running event is not the typical fun run that we used to know as there were obstacles along the way and side activity after the race. Yes, this is only a 3K run but with different cool obstacles that runners need to surpass upon crossing the finish line.  

So with no further talks, here is TRR members namely Erik Valenzuela, Homer Glean, Teng Lenguin, Mark Pizarra, Mark Sarical, and Rocky Chua for the Cloud Fest Fun Run 2017 TVC Spiel:

Once more, this vlog was shot in the beautiful Prestige Cruise right after the bloggers' tour.

The Cloud Fest Fun Run 2017 will be this Sunday, August 27, 2017 at the SM By The Bay.

See you all fun loving runners and run with Team Runner Rocky! 08/24/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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