A Victory of Sportsmanship for the Marist School

Basketball is truly a sports for all ages. Even kids of the youngest age show not only their interests in the said field, they even showcase excellence!  

So in terms of excellence and sportsmanship, let's take a look on this championship by one of the best clinic in the country.

Marist School brought home the highly-coveted Sportsmanship Award in the SBP Division of the 32nd SBP-Passerelle twin tournament NCR finals, the country’s largest twin tournament for basketball. 

Organized by the country’s premier sports clinic, Basketball Efficiency Scientific Training (BEST) Center, SBP-Passerelle annually gives this award for the exemplary skills of the team in playing basketball and the fair play shown by the kids’ parents, coaches and school officials. 

SBP-Passerelle is sponsored by MILO, in cooperation with Rain or Shine Elasto Paints, Chris Sports, and SKLZ. 

For more information about BEST Center’s classes and tournaments, call the hotlines 411-6260, 3723066 and 372-3065, email bestcentersports@gmail.com or follow its official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/BEST-Center-Sports-Inc/66172039922.

Congratulations winners! It was a job well-done! 10/11/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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