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Gabe Norwood Reveals his Other Sports Aside from Basketball

It was already one year ago when yours truly Runner Rocky played basketball with the basketball superstar Gabe Norwood. That was during the KFC launched when we were divided into teams. Me and Gabe became teammates and we won runner up after the game!  

After exactly one year, we met again unexpectedly in the Sofitel Manila when both of us were attending two different events in the same venue. And that was our second time to mingle and talked about things we have in common - sports and fitness!

Then and Now - The Runner Rocky and The Player Gabe Norwood

When We Can't Fit Together Perfectly in a Selfie Because of his Height...

Since Gabe is one of my idols in terms of basketball, I've took the opportunity to interview him, our usual selfie impromptu video interview. 

As I always do in my interview, I've started our conversion asking him about fitness regimens. He shared that he go to gym for workout, lift weights twice a week, and practice everyday! He had his own self discipline in terms of diet and fitness. "Stay away from too many sweets," he added when we talked about food.

But did you know that Gabe has a variety of sports aside from basketball? What do you think are these sports?! Well, find out below after watching our video:

Yes, since he grew up in States, he had involved with different sports like soccer, baseball, american football, boxing, and crossfit! And during that time when we had our interview, he was preparing for the American Football Season 2. That's why he was together with the football stars namely Anton Del Rosario and Graham Caygill in Sofitel.

That's another great moment with my idol! Thank you for sharing your time and giving us fitness tips Gabe! see you again soon in another exciting sports events! (Runner Rocky)

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